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Top Records of 2010

02 Dec Ask Greg | Comments
Top Records of 2010

It’s time folks….my top records of 2010!

1. Cloudkicker – Beacons, ]]][[[
A rare two way tie at #1, both records released this year. A great blend of technical riffs, and wonderful melodies. This is perhaps the best instrumental music I have ever heard.

2. Deftones – Diamond Eyes
After the last couple Deftones records, I wasn’t sure what to expect with Diamond Eyes. From the first ten seconds in, I knew it was a keeper. Well written songs, and great production. Awesome.

3. Lybria = Cycles
A great nod to 90’s rockers shiner, failure, and hum. Awesome songs. Extra special, as they are music students of mine.

4. Oceansize – Self Preserved While the Bodies Float Up.
Another great release from uk’s Oceansize. The first song is a tip of the cap to torche, but the remainder of the record is the heavy proggy sound I’ve come to know and love.

5. The Felix Culpa – Sever Your Roots
Local heroes The Felix Culpa finally released their chinese democracy. A very solid record with a series of five minute (plus) midwestern rock epics. A must listen.

6. Minus the Bear – Omni
Minus the Bear is back to their poppy sound. The songs are a little less king crimson, and a little more 90’s hip hop. The introduction of the Omnichord synth was terrific.

7. TesseracT – Concealing Fate ep
A cool project of guitar-gear-forum-nerds. Their use of ominous clean guitar tones, Maynard-eque vocals, and Meshuggah inspired chug riffs make it a great genre crossing mutant.

8. Weye – Friends Family Others
Another band of students. They have the technical abilities of piglet, the heaviness of pelican, and the poppiness of battles. It’s the most ‘fun’ record on the list.

9. Autolux – transit, transit
When I first listened to this, I thought it would be on the biggest disappointment list. But as time passed, and I dug deeper and deeper into the record. Get past the Beatles tributes, and there are some cool things happening here.

10. Amusement Parks On Fire – Road Eyes
This record just snuck in under the radar. I definitely prefer their more upbeat tunes, but the album is solid, front to back. They know their niche, and they do it well. Kind of like a shoegaze smashing pumpkins.

Honorable Mention
Circa Survive – Blue Sky Noise
Coheed & Cambria – Year of the Black Rainbow
Del Rey – Immemorial

Biggest Disappointment
Open Hand – Honey
This band has such great potential. Their 05 release (you and me) is still in regular rotation. They spent 4 years working on their follow up, only for it to be incredibly mediocre. A pile of female backup singers dubbed ‘the angels’ are shoehorned into every song. A song with KID (from kid and play) is on the record, for what I assume is ironic humor. It is not funny. What’s especially sad is that the title track is among the best songs of the year.

Best Discovery of 2010
Exeter – Grey Noise, White Lies
If I would have known about this record at it’s release, it may have been #1 last year. It is incredible. Very much akin to Failure, and pop-era Cave-In. The songs are perfect, and the production is killer. An absolute must listen. Go. Listen now. GO.


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