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Online Mixing & Mastering

11 Jan Ask Greg, News | Comments
Online Mixing & Mastering

Have you been recording your album at home, but it doesn’t quite have the depth you had hoped for? Did you blow your budget tracking, and you’re short on cash to finish the project?

Just because you didn’t track in my studio does not mean that I can’t help improve your album! It can all be done remotely via the internet!

Most recently, I mixed and mastered the new record for Canadian math-rockers The Bulletproof Tiger, all from my home studio near Chicago.

The process for online mixing is simple:

  • Upload your raw wav or aif files to a server/DropBox/File Locker
  • (Please make sure they are properly named [kick IN, kick OUT, etc])

  • I will import them into my workstation, and give you a rough mix
  • From here, we will revise and adjust until the album shares your vision!

    This same process can be done for mastering.

    If you have an unmastered mix you enjoy, and want it to have that professional volume level, sparkle, sheen that your favorite albums have, let me know!

    If you would like a free sample song mixed or mastered, please e-mail me and we can discuss it further!


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