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Why Take Lessons With Me?!?

Why Take Lessons With Me?!?

So, You’ve navigated to my page looking for some help with music instruction.

But why me over your local mom & pop store? Let’s look at a few reasons!

  • Flexible Cancellation Policy.
    • There is no middle man. If you can’t attend, shoot a quick text or email, and we’ll get a makeup lesson scheduled ASAP.  No hassles, and it works out every time.
  • Integrated Technology!
    • Can’t make it to lessons? Let’s Skype it!
    • Access to a wide catalog of music & transcriptions that can be printed during lessons!
    • You can leave with a video performance of  how to play the material covered that day!
  • A full, hands-on studio!
    • There are a lot of fun opportunities to integrate other instruments into the learning process.
    • Always wanted to try a Les Paul or Strat?  Old Marshall or Fender amp? We can!
    • Want to learn the basics of recording your own music, or GarageBand that came with your new computer?
  • A proven track record
    • I’ve been fortunate to be able to teach and record music in the area for 15 years.
    • If interested, there are a plethora references that could be provided on request!
  • The Grayslake Oasis .
    • I’ve been a long serving board member for the Grayslake Youth Center
    • This can provide access for young students to have a place to see / perform live music in a safe, fun environment.


If these reasons didn’t quite sell you, why don’t you COME TRY A FREE LESSON!





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