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Cover Song Birthday Party: Mutoid Man “Bandages”

Cover Song Birthday Party: Mutoid Man “Bandages”

It’s Andi’s Birthday!

If you know me, you know how much I love Stephen Brodsky. He’s a guitar & music hero of mine. Cave In was hugely influential to me, and are one of my all time favorite bands.

Andi enjoys Cave In, but LOVES Mutoid man.
Loves them.

So, for her birthday, she opted for Bandages.
Their ballad of 2017’s War Moans.

I was skeptical that she could pull it off….but she really nailed it. You could tell there was a lot of car rehearsal happening. If only her math students knew 😂

Props to Dustin & Andi for sporting the sleeveless black tee, a cap tip to the Mutoid Man uniform.

Thanks as always for watching these.

It started as just a fun way to celebrate a birthday, but it’s really been adopted as a great tradition. I’m fortunate to know so many great musicians!

Drums: Craig Borchers
Backup Vocals: Jenifer Borchers
Bass / Vocals: Dustin Currier
Vocals: Andi “The Birthday Girl” McCulloch
Guitar / Backup Vocals / Record / Mixing / Editing: Greg Henkin

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