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Two New Cover Song Party Videos

25 May Video | Comments
Two New Cover Song Party Videos

We just love the cover song parties here!

Watch On YouTube!

Kyle’s Birthday!!!

We aimed to do a full family jam, but his daughter (drummer) wasn’t able to make it. Despite neither of us being drummers, we each took a crack at it.

His son (“Lil Albini”)added the chords, and a 4 minute freakout noise solo.

For a guy who doesn’t sing, I thought Kyle absolutely nailed the vocals. You can thank the St. Louis Blues victory for his signature raspy singing voice.

These parties will never get old. They’re so much fun.


Watch on YouTube!

It’s a bit of a belated birthday party for Cesar. He had a wedding AND a big CFP exam (passed!). So we celebrated with skirt steak tacos, his famous “punk guac”, bacon wrapped jalapeños, some killer tortilla soup…..and another Jawbox cover!

We were pressed for time because we spent most of the session eating, so we had to break it up into two sessions.

Cesar is the biggest Zach Barocas fan I know, so he wanted to pay tribute, and say thanks for their upcoming reunion tour.

J.Robbins is also one of my heroes, so he didn’t have to ask me twice. 😍

If you’re bored, here is our cover song party of “Savory”.…

Jon Pekkarinen: Guitar, Vocals, Soup
Gerald Lauraitis: Bass, Beverages
Cesar Peña: Drums, Head Chef
Greg Henkin: Guitar, Vocals, Recording, Mixing, Editing


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