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Rates / Policies

General Info

Available Monday-Friday 1:00pm to 8:00pm, Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm

First Lesson is always free! (also, when you refer a new student, you get a free lesson as well)

All lessons are personalized for each student, making sure they are learning things that will inspire them to not only practice, but learn independently, in an effort to grow as a musician.

In addition:

  • Assist in booking shows for students bands at The Oasis in Grayslake.
  • Work with students in-studio.
  • Offer advice to students when buying new/used gear.
  • Help with school music homework, as well as Jazz Band material.
  • Record college-required audition demonstration cds.
  • Repair/maintain students equipment.

Lesson fees are on a flat monthly plan

This policy benefits students if their lesson day occurs 5 times in a particular month (receiving 5 lessons for the price of 4)

  • The fee for a month of lessons is to be paid at the first lesson of each month.
  • $90 per month
  • Paying per lesson (individually) is no longer allowed.

Lesson scheduling

  • Should you miss a lesson, you are free to make it up before or after the missed lesson.
  • The lesson balance must be paid in full to be eligible for makeup lessons.
  • 24-hour advance notice is required to be eligible for a makeup.
  • Canceling a scheduled makeup forfeits that makeup lesson.
  • If you do not re-schedule, you forfeit the fee for that lesson.

In the event that I must miss a lesson, we will either:

  • Schedule a makeup lesson
  • Deduct a $20 lesson fee from the next month’s bill.

If a student misses three consecutive weeks without a makeup lesson, that student forfeits his/her scheduled lesson time. I do understand that there are certain extenuating circumstances that do come up, and I will try to work within those circumstances to help someone.

Feel free to e-mail or call me with any questions you may have!

Download Lesson Policies and Contact PDF